90 Minute Private Group Sound Bath Therapy Session

A private Sound Bath Therapy Session is uniquely tailored to your individual groups needs. Together we will discuss your intention for yourself and for the group dynamics. I intuitively blend your individual energies together using the frequency and energy of sound providing a harmonizing effect for your group.

Sound healing Is the use of sound to heal from mental, physical, emotional and spiritual issues. There are sounds we find pleasing helping us to relax and feel good. Like the Rain, Ocean, birds singing, wind blowing through the trees. Some sounds don’t sound good but help move pain and trauma from our body. There is Physical pain: groaning moaning. Emotional pain: Sadness crying, fear screaming.

In our culture It is very common to suppress certain emotions when we experience trauma. Over time this suppressed energy can cause dis-ease in our bodies and lives.

I'm helping to express these suppressed sounds for you. As you surrender to the sounds, anything that has been stuck in you can be released / “washed“ away and restored by the sound bath.

I was born with the intuitive ability to feel and see energy. The sounds that I will be making is my interpretation of your sounds and the sounds I'm receiving from your angels, guides and beloved spiritual helpers. Your body is understanding these sounds that I'm blending together even though your mind might not.

With your permission, I will be playing directly on and around your body with different sound healing instruments.

-If the sounds feel / sound good to you, simply breathe deeply and let go. -If the sounds don’t feel / sound good to you, simply breathe deeply and let go.

As you breathe and let go, whatever is ready to heal in you, can and will begin it’s healing journey in the sound bath.


A breakdown for your group's personal contribution:

One person $150

Two people $200. $100 per person.

Three people is $250. $84 per person.

Four people is $280. $70 per person.

Five people is $310. $62 per person.

Six people is $340. $57 per person.

Seven people is $370. $53 per person.

Eight people is $400. $50 per person.

Nine people is $430. $48 per person.

Ten people is $460. $46 per person.

Eleven people is $490. $45 per person.

Twelve people is $520. $43 per person.

Thirteen people is $550. $42 per person.

Fourteen people is $580. $41 per person.

Fifteen people is $610. $40 per person.

Sixteen people is $624. $39 per person.

To purchase your private group session online click: Private Group Sound Bath Healing Meditation

Please contact Daran to schedule your group event Email: daranwallman@gmail.com

Phone or text: 919-951-5644

LOCATION: Daran’s Healing Sanctuary, 506 Old Greensboro Rd, Chapel Hill NC 27516



"Myself and my 2 friends had a sound bath session with Daran recently. This was my first experience with any kind of sound healing. He created a beautiful sound bath for me and my friends. I now understand why it is called a sound bath, as I felt that I was bathing in the music and sounds that he had created, sometimes it was like a hose through and at other times it was like being under a waterfall and other times like being under rain. It was a beautiful and memorable experience. The space where I received the session feels sacred and safe. I enjoyed most of the instruments in their own way, but my favorite of them was Daran's voice, which provided a way to stay grounded while the instruments changed. I continued to feel the reverberations for many hours after the session and experienced a heightened sensory system. I later had a question and reached out to Daran, and he was kind enough to offer his time to discuss my question. I am glad that I tried this and will certainly go back.   

"Daran completely embodies and practices the healing arts he offers to those who come to his extraordinary sound studio. His many instruments and implements are at hand to facilitate and support an evolutionary process at the growing edge of what's possible in the moment. Daran is a virtuoso sound healer, and I experienced exquisite clearing, balancing, expansion, and blessing during and after our session. Since then, I've noticed an increased sense of spiritual connection and a heightened awareness and sensitivity in my interactions with others. It feels like coming home to myself, and I'm very grateful. Thank you so much for sharing your multiple gifts and deep personal experience with me."  
-Hope Horton