Daran Wallman




I can help you achieve wellbeing and create the life you desire. Together we ​remove ​old programming​ and negative patterns, helping you to be strong, healthy, happy and aligned to your life purpose.

As an intuitive sound therapist and teacher with the ability to feel, see and move energy. I continue to learn, refine, practice and teach the techniques that I used to heal myself and my clients of: PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, Cancer, Physical Injuries, Relationship Challenges and Sleep Apnea.

I was born with a specific natural gift of healing. Like others I denied this gift as I felt and appeared different to the people around me. 

Life continued to give me opportunity after opportunity to accept my calling until being a healer and  teacher was the only path.

After a very difficult childhood with my heightened sensitivity, I was inspired to start learning and teaching the martial arts. I achieved black belts in Zen Karate, Judo and Jiu-Jitsu.  I opened my own dojo, developed and taught my own martial art system, which merged into a focus on self healing rather than self defense.

Using the focus and discipline learned, combined with my own innate intuitive ability, I continue to master clearing the negative energy that blocks health and happiness.

Combining practical, modern and ancient indigenous methods, I can help you align physically, emotionally and mentally with a "more-ness" that is you. This "more-ness" can heal you in ways we might even call magic and miracles.

Together we make the impossible, possible….Anything, everything is possible.

What to expect in a session with me

A session with me can include a combination of sound therapy, life coaching, intuitive counseling, shamanic healing, didgeridoo lessons, hypnotherapy, past life regression and other energy therapies
Each session is uniquely tailored for you. We'll start with a conversation and intuitive reading about your goals and intentions for the session.

Then we'll use a blend of techniques and sound healing inviting you to participate at a level that feels comfortable to you.

We‘ll end your session with a check in and a brief sharing about your experience. I'll also add any intuitive messages that I received for you.

I include a follow up email and prescribe techniques for you to practice in your daily life.

I offer sessions in person or with Zoom.

Treatment fees

90 minute session $150

120 minutes $200

Gratuity is appreciated!

I prefer you purchase your session in person using Cash.

I also accept Checks, Zelle and Venmo. Credit cards are only available via my website and there’s a service fee added if you choose to use a credit card.

Please email me or text me to schedule your appointment.

Demonstrating the instruments are used in a private sound healing session:

Sound healing introduction by Daran Wallman:

Sound healing session by Daran Wallman:


“As a Mystery School and vibrational healing student I was intrigued and excited to experience a sound healing session with Daran. The didgeridoo and crystal bowl combination, along with Daran’s incredible intuitive mastery provided a healing session beyond my expectations. He weaves a healing tapestry of sound that wraps you in a safe, melodic bubble allowing the frequencies to penetrate deeply, releasing and encouraging a peaceful internal resonance. Thank you for a beautiful, lifting experience!”
-Betsy Fowler

“When you go to a session with Daran It feels as if you enter a cozy cave, where an inviting cot awaits to embrace your whole being with the comfort one feels in the warmth of a mother's arms. Then like magic the vibrating sounds of the didgeridoo begin to occupy all the spaces, inside and outside you, mixing with your own vibration. Like musical smoke spreading slowly and gradually, giving you permission to freely express your feelings and bringing out whatever you are ready to let go to replace it with inner beauty and inspiration. Every time a different experience, every time another layer is peeled off from your feet all the way to crown of your head, sliding gently away...into the air...”
-Nice Polido

“Having Sound Therapy with Daran is a life changing event! I shifted on a cellular level which allowed me to redirect my life. Daran's sessions are sacred. His psychic abilities, reverberating didgeridoo and organic blend of essences, cleared my past events as he provided space and support to replenish my soul with vibrational uplifts. I feel activated and tuned in with Universal Intelligence. Daran's Didgeridoo Sound Healing is a journey one must experience! It is truly life changing!”
-Vibrance Heartfelt

"Before I met Daran, I had not seen or experienced the didgeridoo. In fact, I wasn’t sure what “it” was! I am so happy that I said, ”yes” to the experience and that Daran was my guide. His gentle, caring manner, the wonderful sounds he creates from his many beautiful didgeridoos along with his insights and wisdom, supported, validated and gave my continuing journey added, “clarity, balance and harmony.”
-Francine Pilloff

“Daran incorporates a powerful blend of sound healing and shamanic work to help those who seek to connect to Spirit and release what no longer serves their higher good. I highly recommend his sound healing sessions.”
-Jaime Lopez

“Daran, is an amazing, highly skilled, and deeply intuitive practitioner. Upon my first visit he immediately put me at ease by being open and truly listening on many levels to what I was seeking to address within myself and my life. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a higher level of healing, spiritually, physically and emotionally.”
-Cindy Redman

“After 25 years of doing healing work, I was unaware I still had feelings to clear at different levels. Daran’s session was an amazing experience leaving me more peaceful and lighter than I have ever been.”
-Samantha Klassen

“One session with the didgeridoo was more effective and valuable than years of psychotherapy. Daran is a true master at what he does and has a gift to share with the world.”
-Laurie Diederichs

“I experienced deep healing in my sound therapy sessions with Daran. I felt comfortable and safe to open up the emotional and energetic stagnation that had built up over the years. Thanks to Daran and the didgeridoo for being great conduits of sacred healing sound!”
-Shannon Kristiansen

"A quick thank you! Not sure what exactly you took from me and passed along to the archangel Michael, but...I have a calm today that has been foreign to me most, if not all of my life. I noticed it last night after I came in from sitting on the porch listening to the rain. At the time, I didn't realize that a million thoughts weren't going through me...That I had actually just sat and listened to the rain.
That same calm has been with me all day. It's subtle...but, for the first time in a long time I don't feel like I want to pop out of my skin. Thank you for that incredible gift. I can't help but wonder if this is what being at peace feels like. I feel like you must have known that inner peace is my greatest desire. Bless you, and thank you, for all of the great things you are...and for sharing your gift with me."
-Lisa Reynolds

“Thank you for the deeply relaxing and clarifying attunement. It is always a pleasure to just be in the healing environment of the Sound Studio, and I relished those powerful, healing waves of loving sound washing over me. I will always remember the sensation of leaning back into a supportive 'chair' of those powerful vibrations. The result was a quiet, joyful mind and a new sense of purpose and knowingness, propelling me into a clearer way of being through a channel of pure love and 'heart-forward' movement and breath. I am deeply grateful for the experience and results.”
-Sarah Drewett Hollis

"I had suffered a severe head injury and called Daran to help, since I know his amazing abilities and trust his skills. I was not driving, being very still healing for quite some time. I had sent an email and had no idea if or when he might be able to help me. Through the generous goodness of his heart he started to work on me from his sound studio soon after I asked. I really had no idea he was going to do this at that point. I was about to go sit down for dinner and then I had to go and lay on the couch to receive this energy immediately. I felt it through and through as if he was right there beside me. I literally could not move off the couch even though they were waiting for me to come to eat dinner! It was so very amazing and powerful and I knew just when he was complete with the work and I could get up. Remote healing is powerful and Daran is very skilled with it. I would highly recommend his work with all my heart."
-Nadine Zenobi

"Daran completely embodies and practices the healing arts he offers to those who come to his extraordinary sound studio. His many instruments and implements are at hand to facilitate and support an evolutionary process at the growing edge of what's possible in the moment. Daran is a virtuoso sound healer, and I experienced exquisite clearing, balancing, expansion, and blessing during and after our session. Since then, I've noticed an increased sense of spiritual connection and a heightened awareness and sensitivity in my interactions with others. It feels like coming home to myself, and I'm very grateful. Thank you so much for sharing your multiple gifts and deep personal experience with me."
-Hope Horton

"Our last session was really powerful for me. I have since felt a profoundly dramatic and deep shift in spirit and body towards a feeling of lightness and freedom. The letting go that I experienced on my journey were not only significant emotionally and spiritually……but, physically. I seem to have let a big fat chunk go, both literally and metaphorically!!!!! (hallelujah! thank you universe!!!!) The weight of my emotional baggage and old belief structure was transmuted into a feeling of serene contentment, self assured, graceful strength. I have waited a lifetime for this peace…..I also know there’s more to let go and I look forward to continuing this long awaited and beautiful momentum. So much gratitude for helping me on my journey, brother. So much love, trust and gratitude for and in you."
-Kathy Koss

"Immense gratitude to my energy healers, especially Daran Wallman!! That was, hands down, the most powerful healing treatment I have ever participated in, as a healer and a recipient. Ever. Namaste, brother." -Amber DeeLon Rustin

"Our healing session with you was amazing, Daran! You are so gifted, patient, and kind. You unearthed feelings I held that were long and deeply buried. Feelings I did not want to admit were present but needed expression and release. Thank you, thank you, thank you.."
-Tricia Wilson

“Daran is such a compassionate healer! I took his didgeridoo class (which was fabulous and I absolutely love the intentions he taught me to use while playing it) and have had personal sessions with him at one tribe. He is a great teacher with such an open mind and so many gifts. He is such a blessing I hope everyone has a chance to work with him or experience his healing sound therapy, it really is heavenly.”
-Jordyn Roe

“Daran is an outstanding sound healer and shaman. He is very gifted at playing didgeridoo and percussion. He is highly intuitive and an excellent healer. His work goes very deep.”
-Jennifer Norton

"Hi Friends ! Did you know sound can create deep lasting healing. This type of energy cleaning and clearing is my first go to, when difficult feelings arise ...you are not your past...I requested my Friend Daran Wallman who did a recording for me a few weeks ago...check him out.....If you want deep lasting results. From an authentic person with a wealth of tools...who knows..Joy...and can express it. Thanks D."
-Christine Dawn Devine

"Wow, what a wonderful experience. Such a glorious atmosphere, so inviting and relaxing.I left feeling like I am blessed to have experienced Daran's services. I highly recommend you visit."
-Wendy Gerkman

"On the advice of an incredible sound healer Daran Wallman, my husband has started verbalizing his affirmations at his water before he drinks it. I have noticed a positive change in his attitude and especially in his confidence!"
-Nikki Barth

"Today I was completely overwhelmed (positively) by the love and wisdom shown by Daran during our session. It was like he knew exactly what I needed to hear and he really connected with some hurting parts of my soul. I chose to do a sound healing session and when I say EVERYONE needs to do this, I do mean everyone. The vibrations from the singing bowls, chimes, didgeridoo... I am still at a loss for words, I was so moved. I cried, I smiled, I chanted, I breathed deeper than ever before, I loved, I connected.. this was an experience I will never ever forget. Not only do I recommend this for people who need alternative healing but I recommend just talking/meeting either Edie or Daran (best if both!). They are true, intuitive healers. I absolutely adore the services they provide. My experience was above and beyond 5stars!"
-Tori Hemphill

"I really loved the healing session I had with you. After an unloving childhood, 11 years as a firefighter/paramedic and four miscarriages my heart had learned to hide from potential heartbreak. And I knew that the love I was giving my loved ones was deep, honest and pure…..but definitely still a little guarded. During our session, I felt safe & shared my hearts vulnerability with you. You gently called her out in a loving, careful, safe way like no one ever has. You guided her to share/release the sound of her fears. And you blessed her with your healing sounds & music. And you taught me some simple, easy lessons on how to self-love myself. That which has never been taught, showed, mirrored or witnessed to me. How could this simple self-loving act you had shown me never have reached me before I wondered. But that doesn’t matter. It matters that it has reached me now. And that it will radiate into the lives of my loved ones. It will change my daughter and how she grows as a person because I will teach her and we will practice. It will of course beautify my relationship with my husband and it will allow me to fully bloom into the striking flower that I am. I thank you for that, I am most grateful. Great job Daran!"
-Amie Burke

"Myself and my 2 friends had a sound bath session with Daran recently. This was my first experience with any kind of sound healing. He created a beautiful sound bath for me and my friends. I now understand why it is called a sound bath, as I felt that I was bathing in the music and sounds that he had created, sometimes it was like a hose through and at other times it was like being under a waterfall and other times like being under rain. It was a beautiful and memorable experience. The space where I received the session feels sacred and safe. I enjoyed most of the instruments in their own way, but my favorite of them was Daran's voice, which provided a way to stay grounded while the instruments changed. I continued to feel the reverberations for many hours after the session and experienced a heightened sensory system. I later had a question and reached out to Daran, and he was kind enough to offer his time to discuss my question. I am glad that I tried this and will certainly go back.