Vocal Harmonics

Our bodies, organs, and bones inside us create distinctive vibrations and energy. In order for everything in our bodies to function properly, everything must be in tune and in perfect harmony and frequency with one another. If some portion of our body becomes out of alignment and begins to vibrate disharmoniously this is perceived as disease.

Disease is our bodies playing out of harmony, vibration, and out of rhythm. If we were able to find the particular disharmonious vibration, realign it, and tune it back into harmony with the other body frequencies we can restore health. By creating vocal harmonies we can not only restore health and stay well, we can also reach deep states of continuous meditation, relaxation, and lower our stress.

We have the natural ability to create many different kinds of sounds and vibrations with our voices. We also have the special ability to create two or more vocal sounds simultaneously. This is called “Vocal Harmonics”. Learning to create vocal harmonics, also called overtone singing, is one of the most potent and practical approaches we can take towards healing our self and creating harmony in our bodies.

Sound is the fundamental creative force of the Universe. The art and practice of healing and transcendence with sound is not new. Its methods are ancient, but many people are newly awakening to this very powerful knowledge. Vocal harmonics have been employed in various shamanic and spiritual traditions, including Mongolian Shamanism and Tibetan Buddhism. It has also been in use by many ancient schools that date back thousands of years.

We humans have everything we need within us to literally vibrate ourselves into perfect harmony at the resonance-level of God vibration and energy.

Vocal Harmonics is practiced by: