Didgeridoo Sound Healing

Didgeridoo sound healing is also called vibrational healing since the recipient can actually feel the vibrations in his/her body which are caused by the low frequency sound of the didgeridoo.

Listening to the didj seems to awaken deep and ancient feelings creating emotions within us which are soothing and healing, especially the deep relaxation the didj allows people to experience. It has been proven that listening to the didgeridoo is a very effective treatment for stress.

The didgeridoo has been used by the Australian aboriginals for around 60,000 years. It has been said that they would play the didgeridoo near sick people to help them heal.

The didgeridoo produces natural ultrasound and infrasound frequencies which clear physical, emotional and energetic blocks. An analogy I like to use is "the didgeridoo works like a psychic leaf blower, blowing away everything unwanted." The didgeridoo dissipates tensions, stress and any negative energies stuck in the body restoring the body back to it's natural healthy state.

Allopathic medicine has developed a machine for non-surgical treatment of stones in the kidney or gallbladder. Called a lithotripter, this machine directs explosions of sound to the kidney or gallbladder through a belt worn by the patient, who lies in a large tub of water. Within these explosions are frequencies that duplicate the resonant frequencies of the stones, and cause them to be pulverized. Drone instruments especially the didgeridoo coupled with prayer or healing intent may be used to attain a similar effect.

Sound is now being proven as a very practical form of healing.



The following are some comments clients have shared about their experience of the didgeridoo in a sound healing session:

*Deeply touching

*In tune with the world

*Takes away from thinking

*Awe inspiring


*Feels like a voice from the earth





*Other worldly









*Earthly feeling


*Vibrational medicine

*Pachu mama’s voice



*Feels like home

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