Psychosomatic Therapy

Psychosomatic therapy is a technique of assessing the mind/body communication and its affects on the structural alignment of the human body. This assessment is then used to identify the reasons as to why a person has shifted out of balance. By working the physical body, this allows the energy to flow and balance to be restored. Benefits of psychosomatic therapy are a shifting of the structural body, an emotional calmness, and a conscious choice to respond to things in the now, no longer relying on the old response system. In some people, a reduction in weight occurs due to a release of the need to protect from the emotional past experience. Being present in our bodies brings us experiential awareness. Our bodies can bring us home to a human experience and all the beauty in this world of spirit filled form. It is in coming home to our bodies that we create the opportunities for learning how to first repair the damages that have been compounded by neglect, and then to step further into the realms of embracing and appreciating all the wonderful opportunities available to us in this human experience.

Psychosomatic Therapy is practiced by: