Barbara Brennan Healing Science

A specialized form of holistic healthcare taught at The Barbara Brennan School of Healing. This is a hands-on healing system that works with an individual's energy consciousness system to create physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.


Edie is an extraordinary body worker, energy healer, and guide for the soul. She skillfully facilitates a deepening into physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being with wisdom, clarity, vibrancy, heart, and even humor. Every session with Edie brings a greater sense of connection with myself and the experience of having been witnessed, supported, encouraged, and appreciated. I've dedicated decades to healing and awareness, both personally and professionally, and Edie has been one of my greatest allies and teachers along that path. If you are walking a journey of consciousness, connection, and feeling at home within yourself, you are in excellent hands with Edie. Onward!
-Amyla Strode

Barbara Brennan Healing Science is practiced by: