Shamanic Healing

A shaman is an intermediary between the visible world and the spirit world.

Shamans are often called seers or "people who know" because they are involved in a system of knowledge based on their direct experience of other realms.

Shamanism's universal and common features include journeying to other worlds and working with compassionate spirits to increase self awareness and heal the root causes of dis-ease.

Shamans shift their consciousness through rhythmic entrainment using instruments like Native American drums and Aboriginal didgeridoos to discover hidden spiritual resources that can help others heal and transform their lives.

Shamanism facilitates healing by revealing your innate wisdom through archetypal symbols and guided visualizations.

A Shamanic healing supports the release of deep imprinted patterns and frees unconscious blocks that no longer serve you, allowing access to your fullest expression and aligning you to your true purpose.

Shamanic Healing is practiced by: